The 7 Best Stock Market Apps of 2023

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Accessible from your smartphone, your tablet or your connected watch, the best applications de Trading are the solution to consult the latest economic news and follow the evolution of the prices of financial assets in real time.

Discover our selection of the best mobile trading applications to download from the Apple Store and GooglePlay to complete your range of the best trading tools .

Trading is only suitable for an informed clientele capable of understanding the operation of complex financial products (Futures, Options, CFDs, etc.) and of bearing high risks (even losses greater than deposits). NewTrading content does not relate to investment advice or the encouragement to trade in financial instruments.

1 . Pro Real Time

The best trading application on the market, ProRealTime has more than 825,000 users worldwide.

Developed by the French company IT Finance and its teams of engineers, this trading application is accessible free of charge in real time.

Whether you are a passive investor or an active trader, the ProRealTime Trading application allows you to follow the prices of a large number of financial assets while benefiting from numerous advanced features (technical indicators, automatic trading, price alerts, etc.).

2.  Bloomberg

Having the Bloomberg application on your laptop is possible. In English, the application provides access to reliable information on a large number of values ​​through the agency’s news, as well as videos on the main news.

The advantage of this application lies in the quality and depth of the information you will find there. With a bonus: the design of the application which takes up that of the mythical Bloomberg terminals present in the best films dedicated to Trading.

3.  Yahoo Finance

If there is a site that has quickly positioned itself in the niche of financial information and quotations, it is Yahoo! and its Yahoo Finance mobile app.

This financial application provides access to stock quotes (20 minutes later), press releases from companies and their financial reports. Easy to use and aesthetic, it also allows you to compare the performance of several stocks over the historical period you want to analyze.

4 . NetDania

Available on the App Store and Google Play. This application, with a sleek design, offers quotes for all currencies, more than 10,000 stocks, major indices, rates, and commodities.

The quotes are live , as are the charts that you can use with the usual technical indicators such as the MACD or the RSI . You can also set up your own news feed based on the alerts you want to receive.

With the rise of online trading in recent years, trading applications have continued to develop and improve, so today there is no shortage of quality apps.

In this context, it can be difficult to find the right one for you, especially since there is obviously no one and only ideal application for all Traders. To find the trading application made for you, you must ask yourself which criteria are most important to you.

There are significant differences between desktop trading and mobile trading, all related to the medium used to practice this activity.

The trading experience itself differs significantly.

On a computer , the Trader has one or even several large screens, sophisticated analysis tools allowing him to closely observe trends and effectively identify opportunities on the markets. It can also limit distractions via specialized deep work software , and place orders very quickly. However, no one can stay in front of their PC screen 24 hours a day so as not to miss any opportunity…

On mobile phone , the investor has the possibility to trade from anywhere. A great way to constantly keep an eye on the markets and not miss any opportunity to invest. However, the trading experience is not as rich: placing an order on mobile is slower, the only screen available is small, and the possibilities in terms of technical analysis are limited.

The benefits of using a mobile trading app

The main advantage of Trading applications for your practice of investing in the financial markets is of course their accessibility .

By placing your orders from your mobile, you can be much more responsive, seize opportunities to enter the market, or on the contrary exit a risky position, at any time of the day.

Similarly, Trading applications are particularly suitable for beginners or occasional Traders , who no longe need to invest in computer equipment to start their activity.

For more experienced Traders, the apps represent a completely complementary support , allowing them greater responsiveness when on the move.

The Disadvantages of Using a Mobile Trading App

While trading applications have tended to catch up with desktop software in recent years, they still lag behind desktop software in terms of functionality.

Depending on the applications, it is possible that the number of available assets is limited, and that the tools at your disposal in terms of market monitoring and technical analysis

Moreover, due to their very accessible and gamified nature , Trading apps can lead to addictive behavior , which can ultimately lead to financial loss. It is therefore advisable to remain measured as to their use during the day (and night).

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