Obtain immediate credit without proof and without payslip

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Need cash for an urgent expense? Get financed with Solutis and obtain an express loan without project proof, the amount of which can be used freely: treat yourself, replenish a bank overdraft, pay your high energy bills, etc. Find out how this fast loan works, its advantages and how it can set up after applying online.

What is an immediate credit said “without proof and without payslip”?

Immediate credit without proof is a bank loan allowing you to obtain a sum of money quickly, which you can spend on your daily bills and the purchase of goods and services of your choice (work and decoration in your home , purchase of multimedia products and household appliances, leisure, holidays, etc.).

You have no obligation to provide a document to justify to Solutis and our partner banks the way in which you will use the funds, which you will have to repay according to the terms of a loan contract. It is therefore a consumer credit not allocated to the realization of a specific project. It is therefore flexible in its use.

However, immediate credit without a payslip is not possible as it stands , because each financing request must be analyzed by the lender beforehand.

In the event of a favorable opinion pronounced by our advisers, the immediate credit without proof is released between a few hours and a few days only. This is financing that is perfectly suited in the event of an urgent need for cash.

The urgent loan without proof can be a banking solution to consider if you have to pay, in a short time, the costs to repair your broken down vehicle or settle your property taxes that you have not anticipated.

What are the main advantages of applying for fast credit without a quote or invoice?

There are several advantages specific to the characteristics and operation of a consumer credit offer qualified as immediate and free to use. Here they are :

The main advantage of the loan without immediate proof is that you will receive the funds within a few days, or even a few hours only, depending on the nature of the loan offer.

The study is also faster than funding allocated to a specific project, because we will analyze your personal situation and your budget, but not the use you will make of the capital.

With no documentation required, you don’t have to waste time getting in-store quotes to finance your purchases.

You can use the financing cash for one or more expenses of your choice. Indeed, the sum can be split at will and be spent whenever you want.

What are the different types of express credit without proof?

Depending on your needs and the amount you plan to borrow, there are several forms of immediate consumer credit that do not need to justify the use of the funds:

Online cash credit within 24 hours : financial organizations offer to obtain in a few seconds the transfer of cash in the form of a credit with an APR. Often referred to as mini-credit, not to be confused with micro-credit, this offer must be borrowed responsibly to avoid accumulating monthly payments.

What are the risks associated with the regular use of urgent credit without proof?

The main danger, to anticipate before borrowing a loan without proof and immediate, is to find yourself faced with a situation where you can no longer easily pay your installments. Indeed, as you increase the number of outstanding loans, your debt ratio will increase. The higher your recurring charges to be paid, the more likely you are to be indebted or even over-indebted.

It is therefore necessary to be particularly vigilant as to your current debt ratio before wishing to take out yet another immediate consumer loan. In general, banking establishments take, as a benchmark, a debt ratio of 35% which must be avoided to maintain a stable budget.

How is a quick cash credit set up without proof?

The steps to successfully subscribe to express consumer financing on the internet are relatively simple:

Our answers to your questions on the characteristics of the immediate loan without proof and without payslip

Need an answer to the most common questions about fast-release bank financing that only requires a verbal explanation of how the funds are used? Solutis offers you its explanations.

How to borrow immediate credit without proof of salary?

Before making its decision whether or not to grant a request for financing, a banking institution will always check your household’s pay slips. Indeed, the lender has the legal obligation to check your solvency so that you are not in difficulty after a release of funds.

However, project documents (purchase order, estimate, invoice, etc.) are not necessary to obtain this immediate consumer loan, whatever its form (revolving credit , personal loan, small online credit, micro-credit ) .

What is the average rate of an immediate loan without proof of project?

The average rate of a fast and unallocated credit is variable depending on the signed offer. The nominal interest rates of an immediate revolving credit are, for example, generally high, while those of a personal loan without proof can approach an assigned bank financing.

The rates offered in the scales of our partner banking establishments are therefore higher or lower depending on the financing operation chosen, the capital borrowed, the duration of the contract, your banking behavior and finally the overall financial situation of your home.

What is the time limit for the release of funds for an immediate credit without proof?

The availability of funds after an immediate revolving credit request is made after the 8th day after the agreement of the partner bank. Once the cash reserve is in place, it can be used immediately for the expenses of your choice.

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