How to complete your online or printed tax return for the 2023 tax

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How to complete your 2022 tax return? What information should be checked or corrected in 2023? What changes with the automatic declaration? Questions that this notice answers, section by section and line by line, for the online declaration on as for the paper form 2042.

Completing your paper or online return: step-by-step guide

How to complete your 2023 tax form for 2022 income? All the information you need to know, whether you use form 2042 (paper declaration) or the online declaration, whether you have information to add or boxes to correct or not… Instructions for completing your declaration to taxes correctly and calmly, section by section.

So obvious, and yet. For the online declaration, the signature is done once all the information has been completed, at the end of the online declaration procedure. Without this electronic signature (dematerialized signature), the declaration is not validated; it cannot be taken into account by the tax authorities as having been carried out.

To avoid any oversights, the administration reminds the taxpayer that he must sign his declaration online, using the following warning message on the ” Summary of your declaration” page: ” Your online declaration is not completed. You must sign it by clicking on the button at the bottom of this screen ”.

In the case of a blank or pre-filled paper declaration, you must sign by hand in the space provided for this purpose, on the last section of the first page of form 2042 . The tax authorities require a handwritten signature by the declarant(s) if the tax household is made up of at least two adults.

My tax household (page 2 of the declaration)

This first step completed, you can tackle the composition of the tax household. This part is fundamental because it serves as the basis for determining the number of tax shares and therefore, ultimately, for calculating the tax.

online declaration: any possible modification of the family situation is requested beforehand, as soon as the declaration procedures are started. Please note: in the event of an error, a new paper declaration must be completed in full to make the necessary corrections. It will then be necessary to add the tax number of the new spouse in the event of marriage or Pacs in 2022.

Half shares of family quotient

Some taxpayers have every interest in checking that the elements relating to a possible additional tax half-share ( invalidity pension , holder of the veteran’s card, etc.) are correct. This allows them to benefit from an automatically more favorable tax calculation, if they are entitled to it of course.

To inform the administration on this subject, go to the section “Situations that may give rise to an additional half-share” in section A / Situation of the tax household in 2022 on the paper declaration, on page 2. is identical on

Single parent and dependents in 2022

When you are a single parent, i.e. a single person living alone with one or more children, specifying this in box T of the declaration of the declaration will allow you to obtain an increase in the number of family quotient shares , and by this

for minor dependent children in shared residence (in case of shared custody) in box H

for disabled children regardless of their age, holder of the disability card or CMI disability (box G)

for other disabled persons living under the roof of the taxpayer (box R)

In the presence of children in alternating residence or with shared responsibilities, the name and address of the other parent should be provided.

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