Compare the 7 best trading apps for investing in the stock market in 2023

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Downloading an app to your mobile device is a simple and easy way to trade stocks. This handy guide picks out the best

It is an application that allows you to trade in the stock market from your mobile device. Most brokers offer the possibility to use their platforms via a trading app and are accessible via a smartphone or tablet. When using a stock trading app, you will generally be able to perform the same functions as on a broker desktop platform.

How does a stock trading app work?

To use the stock trading app, you must first register with an online broker. Once your account is created, all you need to do is download an app to access your account on the go. Stock trading apps allow you to monitor and analyze the markets from your mobile device. You can buy and sell stocks as well as perform technical analysis on price charts.

How do I choose the best stock trading app for me?

Safety, security, and an easy-to-use interface are three of the most important things to look for. While specific features may affect which you choose, consider all of these factors before making your final choice. This way you will get the best experience in the end.

Design and ease of use

One of the main benefits of using a trading app is making it easier to buy and sell company stock. If you’re a beginner, even more importantly, you want useful information presented in a way that you can understand as you learn.

Reputation and regulation

You want to be confident in the stock market app you are using. As with anyone you trust with your money, you want to be sure they won’t disappear with it. Stock brokers must adhere to strict regulations, from the ACP – Banque de France and FINRA in the US, so look for proof of this before signing up.

Likewise, brokers should have insurance to protect the client in the event of bankruptcy. Longer term investments like ISAs and IRAs are also protected by government regulations, check that your chosen service complies with all of this before downloading.

Tools and graphic charters

If you’re going to do the work yourself, you want to be able to study a stock’s performance before you invest. Look for applications that offer charts on which you can perform technical analysis. Other interesting tools are the comparison functions, for example between the performance of a fund and the market average.

Fees and Commissions

. Usually these are fees for specific actions, such as trading, deposits or withdrawals. Other companies will make money on the “spread,” the difference between the buy and sell price they offer on a stock. Comparing spread size can be a good way to choose the best trading app – smaller is better.


Pay attention to the different security features that are offered; do they use encryption? Two-factor authentication? What about fraud protection? And how do they treat your private data? Beware of any service that skimps on these features.

Can I trade stocks on Android and iOS devices?

Yes. Most applications are available on both operating systems. A few are exclusive to one or the other, but you can easily find out which ones are available on your phone by heading to the Google Play Store or the App Store.

How much do stock apps cost?

To download: usually nothing. Creating an account is also usually free for trading apps, but once you get into the realm of long-term investing, you may need to subscribe before you can use all the services. Even for free apps, there is usually a cost somewhere in the form of additional fees or commissions.

Do I need to verify my identity with a stock trading app?

Yes, there is usually some form of verification, but the methods vary. Expect to have to provide contact details and photo ID to prove who you are before you can trade.

Do trading apps charge fees for stock trading?

Some do, some don’t. Those aimed at retail investors led the charge toward free trade. Traditional stockbrokers have been forced to lower their fees to be competitive, but they often still charge.

Exactly how they charge varies widely. It can be a fixed rate, a percentage of the trade value, or some allow you to make a certain number of trades per month for free.

What are the fees for stock trading apps?

Each best stock market app will have its own fees and it will depend on the terms and conditions of your broker. Most modern apps are free to download and offer free trading. More established brokers tend to charge a flat fee per trade or a monthly fee. The cost of using this type of broker to trade can range from €5 to €12.

You need to decide what you want the trading app to do before choosing one. There are services for day traders, others for long-term investors, and still others that use artificial intelligence to invest your money for you. Here are some of the best stock apps, whatever your goals.

Can I use several best trading apps at the same time?

Yes. You can have as many as you want.. However, it’s usually easier to use a single app to have all your investments in one place.

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